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  • Reflecting On The Past: 8 Tips To Improve Your Memory

    Although I’m an advocate of attempting to live in the present moment – rather than fretting about the future or dwelling on the past – I do believe that our memories – both positive and negative – are extremely important. Our memories shape our identity; they are associated with emotions and profound moments of learning. […]

  • super lazy delicious smoothie

    Super Lazy, Delicious Morning Smoothie

    I wonder how many of us could honestly say that they eat enough fruit. I know I don’t. It’s not that I don’t like fruit, it just doesn’t always occur to me to pick up a piece of fruit when I’m in need of a snack or I’m put off by messiness and preparation time. […]

  • memory as identity

    Memory As Identity: What Happens When It Fades Away?

    I learned that the theme for this issue would be memory a day or two after having been to visit my grandparents. For some, this would resonate only because their grandparents are like memory receptacles, full to bursting with tales of the old days. I had been thinking about (read: grappling with) the idea of […]