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Best Bakeries in Dundee | TOP 10 - [2024]

Best Bakeries in Dundee | TOP 10 – [2024]

The top 10 bakeries in Dundee for the year 2024 have been carefully selected based on the volume of reviews they have received on Google Maps. A comprehensive analysis was conducted to ensure that only the most beloved and frequently visited establishments made it onto our list. By patrons from near and far, these bakeries have been praised for their exceptional offerings and service. Through this ranking, the spotlight is shone on those places where unforgettable tastes and experiences are created. It is intended that this list serves as a guide for both locals and visitors seeking the finest baked goods Dundee has to offer.

Clark’s Bakery Ltd

Clark's Bakery Ltd

Founded in 1950, Clark’s Bakery has evolved from a traditional bakery to a dynamic fast-food and bakery enterprise, now boasting nine shops and employing over 100 staff members. Initiated by the founder’s father and propelled into the fast food sector 15 years ago, their innovative approach combines fresh bakery goods with hot filled rolls, distinguishing them in both local and national media. The addition of their own butchery further underscores their commitment to quality and freshness. At the heart of Clark’s Bakery lies a dedication to their employees, customers, and forward-thinking management, positioning them as a trailblazer in their industry. Their successful expansion and customer-centric values highlight a bright future for this third-generation family business.

Rating: 4.5/ 5 — 1797 Reviews
Address: 3 Annfield St, Dundee DD1 5JH, United Kingdom



Renowned for its delectable range of breakfast items, savouries, bakes, sandwiches, salads, sweet treats, and hot food, Greggs stands out as a beloved bakery brand. It is committed to adding value to its customers’ lives, not just through its flavorful menu but also by offering convenient services like Click + Collect, delivery, and a user-friendly app that rewards customers with freebies and facilitates queue-free ordering. Beyond satisfying the nation’s palate, Greggs is dedicated to making a positive impact on the community and the planet, including initiatives like providing free breakfasts for children. Unique in its approach, Greggs also offers gift cards, making it easy for patrons to share the joy of their favorite treats with loved ones.

Rating: 4.1/ 5 — 345 Reviews
Address: Forum Centre, Chapel St, Dundee DD1 1DQ, United Kingdom



Greggs is celebrated for its delectable range of offerings, including breakfast items, savouries, sandwiches, salads, sweet treats, and hot food, catering to tastes at all times of the day. The brand distinguishes itself with a commitment to more than just tasty food; it actively participates in social initiatives such as environmental protection and providing free breakfasts for children, underlining its dedication to making a positive impact. Customers are encouraged to experience convenience through its innovative Greggs App, which offers rewards, a Click + Collect feature, and even birthday treats, enhancing the customer experience. Moreover, Greggs’ unique approach to gifting, through its customizable gift cards available for special occasions like Valentine’s Day, showcases its understanding of the importance of

Rating: 4.2/ 5 — 256 Reviews
Address: Overgate Shopping Centre, UL28, Dundee DD1 1UF, United Kingdom

Fisher & Donaldson

Fisher & Donaldson

Fisher & Donaldson, a century-old bakery nestled in the heart of Scotland, has been celebrated for crafting exquisite baked goods that tantalize the taste buds. Renowned for their world-famous fudge doughnuts and irresistible coffee towers, this bakery takes pride in its hand-made, freshly baked bread, showcasing their dedication to quality and tradition. With a savory selection ranging from Scotch pies to spinach rolls, Fisher & Donaldson caters to both sweet and savory preferences, ensuring every palate is satisfied. Unique to this bakery is their engaging podcast series, “Cake Break,” which invites listeners to enjoy a cuppa and good conversation, further setting them apart from competitors. Their commitment to bringing joy through their baked goods and thoughtful gifts makes Fisher & Donaldson

Rating:4.4/ 5 — 254 Reviews
Address: 12 Whitehall St, Dundee DD1 4AF, United Kingdom

Patisserie Valerie – Dundee

Patisserie Valerie - Dundee

Patisserie Valerie has been a cherished destination for deliciously handcrafted cakes and gateaux since its inception in 1926, offering a delightful array of options for every occasion, including birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries. Renowned for its commitment to quality and tradition, the patisserie ensures each cake is carefully prepared, combining classic techniques with modern flavors like Chocolate Orange and Lotus Biscoff. With services like nationwide next-day delivery, click & collect, and the option to pay later with Klarna, it stands out for its convenience and customer-centric approach. Notably, Patisserie Valerie also caters to diverse dietary preferences with its selection of plant-based, vegetarian, and halal-friendly options, making it a go-to for

Rating: 4.1/ 5 — 252 Reviews
Address: 75 High St, Dundee DD1 1SD, United Kingdom

Rough & Fraser

Rough & Fraser

Rating: 4.6/ 5 — 210 Reviews
Address: 9-11 Kinghorne Rd, Dundee DD3 6PR, United Kingdom

Clark’s Bakery

Clark's Bakery

Rating: 4.2/ 5 — 204 Reviews
Address: Scott Way, Pearce Ave, West Pitkerro Industrial Estate, Dundee DD5 3RX, United Kingdom

Tartan Coffee House

Tartan Coffee House

Rating: 4.5/ 5 — 192 Reviews
Address: 53 Perth Rd, Dundee DD1 4HY, United Kingdom

Nicoll’s Rosebank Bakery

Nicoll's Rosebank Bakery

Rating: 4.6/ 5 — 163 Reviews
Address: 58-64 Byron St, Dundee DD3 6EP, United Kingdom



Rating: 4.2/ 5 — 115 Reviews
Address: 259 Brook St, Broughty Ferry, Dundee DD5 2AG, United Kingdom

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