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  • Fashion Feuds And A Fistful Of Dollars

    Fashion, Feuds And A Fistful Of Dollars

    Last season saw headlines from the runways dedicate just as many column inches to financial warefare as it did to the latest looks. With mergers and acquisitions happening almost daily, however it is a mammoth task to keep up with who owns whom. The soap-operatic feud between Gucci and the Prada-LVMH partnership over the sale […]

  • what-is-hygge

    What is Hygge and Why is it so Popular?

    Hygge (hue-gah) is the Danish word for “cozy”. It is also a word that describes the latest lifestyle trend to hit the US and UK. Forget Shabby Chic, that’s so 2010!  This winter it’s all about embracing The Hygge. Basically, this lifestyle trend is about quiet living, cozy living, and anything that makes someone feel […]

  • confidence

    6 Effective Ways To Develop Your Confidence And Self-Esteem

    How well do you truly know yourself? Sounds like a silly question — right? Surely you are the leading expert on the subject of you. But consider this: how often do you give yourself time to reflect on your life and your dreams? How often do you sit down and have quality time with yourself? […]

  • fair weather leather for american VOGUE

    Breathing Life Back Into Fashion Photography: Happy Snapper Elaine Constantine

    Her pictures of vivacious, laughing girls have injected life back into fashion photography. But as she tells Wonder Magazine it’s not all smiles. Her portfolio is crammed with work shot for American and Italian Vogues, The Face, Arena Homme Plus and W magazine. Her client list includes Katharine Hamnett, Anna Molinari, Levi’s, Max Mara and Jigsaw […]

  • vintage-dress-instagram

    Fill Your Instagram Feed With Vintage Style Inspiration

    There’s nothing quite like rummaging through the rails of a vintage shop and the thrill of finding a real treasure. If only the items could tell you their secrets and memories. We can only imagine who their previous owners might be and the things that they’ve seen. We’re not all blessed with a nearby vintage […]

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