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The Best Pizza in Kingston upon Hull | TOP 10 - [2024]

The Best Pizza in Kingston upon Hull | TOP 10 – [2024]

In the vibrant city of Kingston upon Hull, a comprehensive ranking of the finest pizza establishments for 2024 has been meticulously compiled. This list has been determined by analyzing the most reviewed places on Google Maps, ensuring a reliable reflection of public opinion. The top 10 pizza venues have been carefully selected based on the volume and quality of their reviews. These establishments, known for their exceptional flavors and inviting atmospheres, have been celebrated by locals and visitors alike. The rankings provide a definitive guide for anyone seeking the ultimate pizza experience in Kingston upon Hull.

ASK Italian

ASK Italian

At ASK Italian, a passion for the Italian way of life is at the heart of everything they do. Inspired by Italy’s rich culinary traditions, this chain of 65 restaurants across the UK specializes in delivering an authentic Italian dining experience. From Prima Pizzas to mouth-watering Pasta, and innovative vegan options, their menu is designed to cater to diverse tastes, adding playful twists to Italian classics. Unique to each location, bespoke artwork reflects the spirit of the local community, ensuring each visit offers a warm Italian welcome. Furthermore, their commitment to community support is evident through partnerships with charities like FareShare, highlighting their dedication not just to excellent food, but to making a positive impact.

Rating: 4.2/ 5 — 1385 Reviews
Address: Warehouse 6 Princes Dock St, Hull HU1 2LX, United Kingdom

Pizza Hut Restaurants

Pizza Hut Restaurants

Rating: 4.0/ 5 — 964 Reviews
Address: Kingswood Retail Park, Althorp Rd, Hull HU7 3DA, United Kingdom

Pizza Hut Restaurants

Pizza Hut Restaurants

Nestled in the picturesque St Andrews Quay Retail Park along the serene Humber River, Pizza Hut at Hull offers a unique dining experience that combines breathtaking views with delicious culinary delights. Recognized for its convenient location amidst well-known retail brands and ample free parking, this restaurant is celebrated not just for its iconic pizza but also for its diverse menu that caters to all tastes, including a buffet, salad bar, and an ice cream factory. Boasting facilities such as accessible WiFi, high chairs, and baby changing amenities, it ensures a comfortable and enjoyable visit for everyone. With its commitment to sustainability and community engagement, Pizza Hut at Hull stands out as a destination that values both pizza and planet, making it a preferred choice for families, friends,

Rating: 4.1/ 5 — 957 Reviews
Address: Unit B, Clive Sullivan Way, Hull HU3 4SA, United Kingdom

Bert’s Pizza & Gelato Hull

Bert's Pizza & Gelato Hull

Established with a passion for creating delightful dining experiences, Bert’s Pizzeria is recognized for its exceptional food, inviting atmosphere, and picturesque views. With a diverse range of offerings that include pizza, pasta, gelato, and even adventure golf, Bert’s caters to a wide audience, ensuring there’s something for everyone. Unique to this brand is its commitment to fresh, high-quality ingredients, sourced from trusted suppliers, which underpins the menu’s appeal. Bert’s Pizzeria stands out in the competitive dining scene through its innovative approach, including offering pizza home kits for those looking to enjoy Bert’s culinary creations from the comfort of their home. With locations in Brandesburton and Hull, including specialized Pasta and Gelato bars, Bert

Rating:4.4/ 5 — 854 Reviews
Address: 1 @ the Dock, Queen St, Hull HU1 1UU, United Kingdom

Zizzi – Hull

Zizzi - Hull

Zizzi Italian Restaurants have become a staple across the UK and Ireland, known for their unique approach to Italian dining. With over 135 locations, each offering a menu that creatively twists classic Italian dishes to delight and surprise, Zizzi stands out in the crowded market of Italian eateries. Since its inception over 25 years ago in Chiswick, the brand has been committed to bringing people together through good food, from their signature Rustica Pizzas to indulgent desserts. Distinguished by its individualized restaurant designs that reflect local touches, and a rewards program that offers exclusive perks to regular visitors, Zizzi not only serves meals but also crafts memorable dining experiences. Furthermore, their adaptability extends to home dining, partnering with trusted delivery

Rating: 4.2/ 5 — 611 Reviews
Address: 50a, 110 Ferensway, Hull HU2 8LN, United Kingdom

Pizza Express

Pizza Express

Since its inception in 1965, PizzaExpress has been a beacon of delightful dining experiences, situated conveniently within the Princes Quay development in Hull. Renowned for its delicious pizza and unique dining ambiance, the restaurant invites patrons to unwind in its welcoming setting, offering both indoor and al fresco dining options to savor after a bustling day of shopping or entertainment. Beyond its core offering of mouth-watering pizzas, PizzaExpress distinguishes itself by providing a range of services including collection, delivery, and even frozen meals for those who wish to bring the pizzeria experience home. Emphasizing accessibility and comfort, the establishment is equipped with facilities to cater to all guests, including those with disabilities. With a commitment to creating memorable moments, Pizza

Rating: 4.1/ 5 — 595 Reviews
Address: Unit CU6, Princes Quay Shopping Centre, Hull HU1 2PQ, United Kingdom

Uno’s Trattoria Pizzeria

Uno's Trattoria Pizzeria

At Uno’s Trattoria Pizzeria, an Italian restaurant cherished by locals, the culinary expertise of Italian master chefs shines through in every dish, from pizzas and pastas to specialty creations. By incorporating only the freshest and finest ingredients, this restaurant ensures a dining experience that keeps guests returning. A testament to its excellence is the wide-ranging menu that caters to diverse dietary preferences, including a full page dedicated to vegans. Highlighted by its cozy atmosphere and praised for exceptional service, Uno’s sets itself apart as a hidden gem where reservations are highly recommended to savor Italian cuisine at its finest.

Rating: 4.6/ 5 — 456 Reviews
Address: 153 Newland Ave, Hull HU5 2ER, United Kingdom

Pizza Hot

Pizza Hot

Rating: 3.5/ 5 — 432 Reviews
Address: 100 Newland Ave, Hull HU5 3AA, United Kingdom

Prezzo Italian Restaurant Hull

Prezzo Italian Restaurant Hull

Rating: 3.8/ 5 — 384 Reviews
Address: Unit 41, St. Stephens, 110 Ferensway, Hull HU2 8LN, United Kingdom

Domino’s Pizza – Hull – City Centre

Domino's Pizza - Hull - City Centre

Rating: 3.7/ 5 — 340 Reviews
Address: 10-14 Paragon St, Hull HU1 3QT, United Kingdom

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