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The Best Restaurants in Preston | TOP 10 - [2024]

The Best Restaurants in Preston | TOP 10 – [2024]

In the vibrant city of Preston, a list has been compiled to showcase the top 10 restaurants for 2024, drawing attention to the culinary gems that have been most reviewed on Google Maps. These establishments, celebrated for their exceptional dining experiences, have been ranked based on the volume and quality of their reviews, offering a guide to both locals and visitors alike. Through meticulous analysis, each restaurant’s position has been determined, ensuring a comprehensive overview of what Preston has to offer. Highlighting a range of cuisines and dining styles, this list serves as an authoritative guide to the must-visit dining spots in the city. As such, the preferences and experiences of countless patrons have been distilled into this definitive ranking, eagerly awaited by food enthusiasts.

Turtle Bay Preston

Turtle Bay Preston

At Turtle Bay Preston, an inviting Caribbean restaurant and bar located at the heart of Preston, a vibrant culinary escape awaits. Renowned for its sun-soaked flavors and lively atmosphere, the establishment offers a unique dining experience with options ranging from a two-course meal at £25.50 per person to a three-course feast for £30.50, each accompanied by a complimentary One Love cocktail upon arrival. Patrons are treated to the convenience of both reservation bookings and walk-in welcomes, ensuring that anyone can indulge in their enticing menu or the daily 2’4’1 cocktail Happy Hour. Set against the backdrop of Preston’s bustling center and the iconic Preston Obelisk, Turtle Bay stands out with its commitment to delivering authentic Caribbean good vibes, comprehensive

Rating: 4.6/ 5 — 4531 Reviews
Address: Crystal House, Preston PR1 2AQ, United Kingdom

New Continental – Preston

New Continental - Preston

Nestled by the picturesque Victorian parks of Avenham and Miller and the flowing River Ribble, The Continental in Preston stands out as a beacon of food, drink, and culture. Renowned for its eclectic music and arts events, particularly in the dedicated space known as The Boatyard, this venue is celebrated for its commitment to #HereForCulture. Offering a delightful mix of high-quality, locally-sourced food and a wide range of drinks, The Continental provides the perfect setting for both summer alfresco dining and cozy winter gatherings. Unique events like the Open Mic Night and performances by tribute bands, including the acclaimed Wrong Jovi, underscore its position as a vibrant community hub. With a commitment to serving beautifully crafted dishes and fostering local talent,

Rating: 4.4/ 5 — 1975 Reviews
Address: S Meadow Ln, Preston PR1 8JP, United Kingdom

German Doner Kebab

German Doner Kebab

German Doner Kebab revolutionizes the way kebabs are perceived and enjoyed. By insisting on premium lean meats, handmade waffle breads, and locally sourced vegetables, complemented by signature sauces, the brand sets itself apart with a commitment to freshness and quality. Open kitchens in every restaurant underscore their transparency and dedication to an exceptional dining experience. With a menu that challenges traditional choices, offering everything from the original kebab to innovative Doner 2.0 selections, the hardest choice for customers is deciding what to try next. This brand is distinguished by its modern take on a classic, providing a unique dining experience that invites patrons to rethink the kebab.

Rating: 4.2/ 5 — 1652 Reviews
Address: 7 Fleet St, Preston PR1 2UT, United Kingdom

RK Dining

RK Dining

A new culinary experience is being crafted at 75-77 Plungington Road, Preston PR1 7EN, with doors open from Tuesday to Sunday between 10:30am and 9pm, inviting diners to indulge in flavors that promise to captivate and delight. A unique dining journey is being prepared, as the forthcoming website aims to extend the invitation for a tantalizing online exploration of what’s on offer. With a focus on creating memorable dining experiences, this establishment stands out for its commitment to engaging the senses and fostering a welcoming atmosphere for every guest. Enthusiasm is being stirred for the reveal of their dine-in menu and the opportunity to host events, signaling a dedication to culinary excellence and customer satisfaction. The anticipation is carefully

Rating:4.5/ 5 — 1528 Reviews
Address: 75-77 Plungington Rd, Preston PR1 7EN, United Kingdom

Bistrot Pierre

Bistrot Pierre

Housed in a meticulously restored 19th-century Baptist church, which has been a landmark in Preston’s town center for over 160 years, Bistrot Pierre offers a unique French dining experience opposite the bustling Fishergate shopping center and near the train station. Esteemed for its international restaurant design award nomination, this establishment invites guests to savor freshly prepared French cuisine, catering to a variety of dietary needs including gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options. The menu, inspired by travels across France, blends traditional Bistrot classics with innovative seasonal dishes, ensuring a memorable meal for any occasion, from leisurely dinners to quick lunches. Open daily, with extended breakfast hours on weekends, Bistrot Pierre stands apart with its commitment to offering an

Rating: 4.2/ 5 — 1423 Reviews
Address: The Church, 83B Fishergate, Preston PR1 2NJ, United Kingdom

Coco’s Soul Food

Coco's Soul Food

At Coco’s Soul Food, meals are crafted with the belief that they should nourish not only the body but also the soul. Housed in a vibrant setting that spans three floors, each themed after Caribbean, Mexican, and Bob Marley influences, guests are enveloped in a multicultural experience that promises a global culinary journey. The establishment is celebrated for its dedication to fresh, lovingly prepared dishes that consistently impress, earning it top ratings on TripAdvisor. With a friendly, diverse staff and a menu that caters to various dietary preferences, including vegan and halal options, Coco’s Soul Food stands out as a go-to destination for those seeking an enriching dining atmosphere coupled with unparalleled flavors from around the world.

Rating: 4.7/ 5 — 1406 Reviews
Address: 88 Friargate, Preston PR1 2ED, United Kingdom



IceBurg Restaurants emerged from the humble beginnings of a simple burger crossing the Atlantic to become a gastronomic sensation in Great Britain, specializing in gourmet burgers and a selection of exquisite iced drinks and shakes. Renowned for its use of the finest HMC certified Angus and Wagyu beef, IceBurg ensures every ingredient, from the buns to the patties, is fresh and traceable to its farm of origin, setting a new standard for indulgence in comfort food. With options ranging from Angus and Wagyu burgers to chicken, veggie, and an array of delicious desserts, IceBurg offers a diverse menu that caters to all tastes. The experience is made more convenient with online ordering, click & collect, and delivery options,

Rating: 4.2/ 5 — 1148 Reviews
Address: 20 – 23 Miller Arcade, Preston PR1 2QY, United Kingdom

Nando’s Preston – Deepdale

Nando's Preston - Deepdale

Nando’s Restaurant in Preston – Deepdale is celebrated for its unique PERi-PERi flame-grilled chicken, a taste sensation that sets it apart in the culinary world. Established within the Deepdale Shopping Park, this establishment is a haven for those seeking a delightful dining experience, offering options for eat-in, collection, and delivery to accommodate various customer needs. Renowned for its commitment to sustainability, fighting malaria, and being carbon neutral, Nando’s integrates ethical practices into its core operations, thereby aligning with its values of Pride, Passion, Integrity, Courage, and Family. Additionally, it provides a welcoming atmosphere with facilities like halal-friendly options, baby changing, and disabled access, ensuring a comfortable experience for all. The vibrant community

Rating: 4.3/ 5 — 1148 Reviews
Address: Deepdale Shopping Park, Unit FC2D, Blackpool Rd, Preston PR1 6QY, United Kingdom



Nestled in the heart of Preston, JAFFA Mediterranean Restaurant is celebrated for its exquisite embrace of Mediterranean culinary traditions. Renowned for offering a vibrant selection of dishes that are both authentic and innovatively presented, the essence of the Mediterranean is captured in every bite. A commitment to using only the freshest, locally-sourced ingredients sets it apart, ensuring a dining experience that’s not only flavorful but also ethically conscious. The restaurant’s mission revolves around bringing people together over a shared love for food that’s rich in flavor and heritage. With its warm, inviting atmosphere and a menu that pays homage to Mediterranean culture, JAFFA stands as a beacon for food enthusiasts seeking a genuine taste of the region’s culinary delights.

Rating: 4.6/ 5 — 1144 Reviews
Address: 58 Friargate, Preston PR1 2AT, United Kingdom

Nando’s Preston – Market Place

Nando's Preston - Market Place

Nando’s, located in the heart of Preston Market Place, brings a unique dining experience with its commitment to sustainability and fighting malaria. Renowned for its flame-grilled PERi-PERi chicken, the restaurant is dedicated to serving high-quality, Halal-friendly meals in a welcoming environment. With services ranging from dine-in to delivery and collection, it ensures that every craving for its distinctive flavors is met with convenience and warmth. The brand stands out for its dedication to not just serving delicious food but also to building a family of over 20,000 ‘Nandocas’ (employees), thriving on values such as Pride, Passion, Integrity, Courage, and Family. This commitment to both culinary excellence and social responsibility sets Nando’s apart

Rating: 4.2/ 5 — 1078 Reviews
Address: 30-31 Cheapside, Preston PR1 2AP, United Kingdom

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