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The Best Restaurants in Sutton | TOP 10 - [2024]

The Best Restaurants in Sutton | TOP 10 – [2024]

In the bustling town of Sutton, a definitive guide to the top dining experiences has been meticulously compiled for the year 2024. The rankings have been determined based on the volume of reviews each establishment has received on Google Maps, ensuring a genuinely crowd-sourced perspective. A diverse array of culinary delights, from cozy cafes to high-end eateries, has been included, reflecting the eclectic tastes of the local and visiting diners alike. The list has been crafted to guide both residents and tourists towards the most acclaimed dining options the town has to offer. Through this passive observation of public opinion, the essence of Sutton’s vibrant food scene has been captured and presented in our latest top 10 compilation.

The Moon on the Hill – JD Wetherspoon

The Moon on the Hill - JD Wetherspoon

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Sutton, London, The Moon on the Hill stands as a proud establishment within the J D Wetherspoon family, renowned for its dedication to providing an exceptional pub experience. Occupying a historic three-storey building that evolves from a grocer’s shop to an annex of the Allders department store, this venue carries the legacy of serving the community since the 1930s. The pub’s name, inspired by George Orwell’s idealized ‘Moon Under Water’, hints at its commitment to creating a perfect pub ambiance. Distinguished by its welcoming atmosphere for children during specific hours, the availability of outdoor seating, and the convenience of modern amenities such as Wi-Fi and baby changing facilities, The Moon on

Rating: 4.0/ 5 — 2302 Reviews
Address: 5-9 Hill Rd, Sutton SM1 1DZ, United Kingdom



McDonald’s UK stands out in the fast-food industry by offering an extensive menu that caters to various tastes and dietary preferences, including burgers, wraps, salads, and a dedicated breakfast selection. Emphasizing the importance of sustainability and ethical sourcing, the company proudly partners with over 23,000 British and Irish farmers, ensuring the quality of its ingredients. McDonald’s UK also engages with its customers through innovative rewards programs like MyMcDonald’s Rewards, allowing patrons to earn free favorites. Furthermore, the brand is committed to community support, demonstrated by initiatives like the Ronald McDonald House Charities, which focuses on keeping families together during challenging times. Unique to its service, McDonald’s UK offers multiple dining options, including outdoor and indoor seating, Drive-Th

Rating: 3.4/ 5 — 1794 Reviews
Address: 168/172 High St, Sutton SM1 1NL, United Kingdom

Nando’s Sutton

Nando's Sutton

Nando’s Restaurant in Sutton, nestled on High Street in Greater London, is celebrated for its unique offering of fresh, flame-grilled PERi-PERi chicken. Known for its vibrant atmosphere, the restaurant welcomes guests for Eat-in, Collect, and Delivery services, ensuring a convenient and enjoyable dining experience for every patron. At the heart of its operations lies a dedicated team of over 20,000 Nandocas, embodying the company’s core values of Pride, Passion, Integrity, Courage, and Family. This commitment not only to exceptional food but also to sustainability and fighting malaria sets Nando’s apart in the culinary world. With features like outdoor eating areas, Wi-Fi, and facilities for the differently-abled, Nando’s

Rating: 4.2/ 5 — 1404 Reviews
Address: 9-11 High St, Sutton SM1 1DF, United Kingdom

Zizzi – Sutton

Zizzi - Sutton

Founded over 25 years ago in Chiswick, Zizzi has grown into a beloved chain of Italian restaurants, now boasting over 135 locations across the UK & Ireland. Renowned for its innovative approach to Italian cuisine, Zizzi adds a unique twist to classic dishes, offering a diverse menu that includes Rustica Pizzas, sumptuous Pastas, adventurous salads, and indulgent desserts. Each restaurant is uniquely designed, reflecting the local area’s character, making every dining experience distinct. Zizzi stands out not only for its food but also for its commitment to bringing people together, whether that’s through their engaging Zillionaires’ Club, offering exclusive perks, or by providing easy options for enjoying their dishes at home via trusted

Rating:4.1/ 5 — 1038 Reviews
Address: 13 High St, Sutton SM1 1DF, United Kingdom

Casa Nostra Restaurant

Casa Nostra Restaurant

At Casa Nostra Restaurant, located in Sutton, Surrey, customers are warmly welcomed and treated to an exquisite selection of traditional and contemporary Italian dishes, a testament to the restaurant’s commitment to culinary excellence. With a simple philosophy centered around preparing great Italian food in the right way, each dish is crafted with care by highly trained chefs and served with a dedication to enhancing the dining experience. The menu ranges from delicious daily-prepared Italian classics to handpicked favorite desserts, ensuring every palate is catered to. A special set menu, offering Italy’s finest recipes, is meticulously crafted and executed, promising a unique dining adventure. Distinguished by its friendly and charming service, Casa Nostra sets itself apart, promising an authentic Italian dining experience that goes beyond the plate

Rating: 4.7/ 5 — 998 Reviews
Address: 8 Mulgrave Rd, Sutton SM2 6LE, United Kingdom

Pizza Express

Pizza Express

Since its inception in 1965, PizzaExpress has been dedicated to capturing hearts with its exceptional dining experience, offering a variety of pizzas alongside new frozen meals that bring the pizzeria charm into your home. Located conveniently on Sutton High Street, this restaurant provides an inviting atmosphere for both large gatherings and intimate dining, complete with contemporary artwork and a range of facilities to cater to every guest’s needs. With a commitment to sustainability and community, PizzaExpress sets itself apart by not just serving delicious food but also by fostering memorable moments. Special deals, such as £10 off on pizza for delivery or collection orders, ensure that patrons can enjoy their favorites at great value. Beyond the dining experience, PizzaExpress engages with its audience through initiatives like PizzaExpress Live

Rating: 4.5/ 5 — 990 Reviews
Address: 19/21 High St, Sutton SM1 1DJ, United Kingdom

The Grumpy Mole – Cheam

The Grumpy Mole - Cheam

The Grumpy Mole, part of the family-run Dougal Inns business, stands out as a premier dining destination across five locations including Cheam, Tadworth, Brockham, Oxted, and Epsom. Esteemed for its diverse menu options ranging from a la carte to gluten-free and allergen-sensitive selections, it caters to a wide array of dietary needs. Renowned for its cozy afternoon teas, savory Sunday roasts, and an extensive wine list, this collection of country inns offers a memorable culinary experience in a charming atmosphere. Additionally, The Grumpy Mole is an ideal venue for functions and private dining, providing personalized services to ensure special occasions are unforgettable. With a commitment to staff development and customer satisfaction

Rating: 4.5/ 5 — 974 Reviews
Address: Ewell Rd, Sutton SM3 8BU, United Kingdom

TAŞ Restaurant Cheam

TAŞ Restaurant Cheam

Rating: 4.4/ 5 — 968 Reviews
Address: 555 London Rd, Worcester Park, Sutton SM3 9AE, United Kingdom

Lahore Spices

Lahore Spices

Lahore Spices, nestled in the heart of Sutton, is dedicated to offering an unparalleled Indian dining experience by constantly enhancing its service and food quality. With a focus on delivering authentic Indian cuisine, our chefs prepare each dish fresh, presenting a broad spectrum of flavors and spices that promise to take your taste buds on an unforgettable journey. Our extensive menu is available through our new online ordering platform, making it easy for customers to browse, order their favorites, or discover new delights, all to be enjoyed from the comfort of their home. What sets us apart is our commitment to authenticity, competitive pricing, and the convenience of modern technology to bring restaurant-quality meals directly to your doorstep.

Rating: 3.8/ 5 — 901 Reviews
Address: 284-286 High St, Sutton SM1 1PQ, United Kingdom

The California

The California

Nestled in the heart of Sutton, The California stands as a quintessential classic pub, renowned for its exceptional pub fare served in a cozy and inviting ambiance. Esteemed for its diverse menu, which caters to a variety of tastes including vegetarian and vegan options, alongside a cherished Sunday roast, this establishment ensures a memorable dining experience for families, friends, and solo adventurers alike. Highlighted by its expansive beer garden, The California offers a perfect retreat for guests seeking quality food and a warm reception throughout the year. Additionally, it prides itself on being a dog-friendly venue, welcoming pets to enjoy its congenial atmosphere. Conveniently located within proximity to Croydon, Leatherhead, and major attractions like Hobbledown Farm and Eps

Rating: 3.8/ 5 — 869 Reviews
Address: 267 Brighton Rd, Sutton SM2 5SU, United Kingdom

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