The Best Barbers in Liverpool | TOP 10 - [2024]

The Best Barbers in Liverpool | TOP 10 – [2024]

In the vibrant city of Liverpool, a comprehensive analysis has been conducted to unveil the top 10 barbershops for the year 2024. This exclusive ranking has been meticulously determined based on the volume of reviews each establishment has received on Google Maps. Esteemed for their exceptional service, skill, and customer satisfaction, these barbershops have been celebrated by locals and visitors alike. Through this analysis, an objective list has been curated, highlighting the places where unparalleled grooming experiences are offered. The insights provided aim to guide those in search of superior barbering services in Liverpool.

L1 Styles Barbershop (Traditional Barbers Richmond street, Liverpool City Centre)

L1 Styles Barbershop (Traditional Barbers Richmond street, Liverpool City Centre)

At L1 Styles Barbershops, men’s grooming is elevated to an art form, where customer satisfaction, quality, and perfection are pursued without compromise. Located in various key locations including Liverpool and North Wales, this barbershop offers an exclusive range of services from wet shaves to edgy haircuts and beard trims, ensuring every client’s needs are meticulously catered to. The essence of L1 Styles lies in its passion, authenticity, and luxury, making it a sanctuary for men who value their appearance. With the convenience of eGift cards and a commitment to safety in times of COVID-19, L1 Styles sets itself apart by providing an unparalleled grooming experience.

Rating: 4.2/ 5 — 334 Reviews
Address: 15 Richmond St, Liverpool L1 1EE, United Kingdom

Gents code 2

Gents code 2

Founded in 2013, Gents Code Barbers quickly established itself as a cornerstone of grooming excellence in Liverpool’s bustling city center, with a second location opened in 2020 due to high demand. Known for more than just their impeccable haircuts and shaves, the team at Gents Code prides themselves on understanding and surpassing their clients’ expectations, a testament to their commitment to excellence and customer service. With locations on Cook Street and Old Hall Street, accessibility is coupled with skilled barbers like Mike, Jack, and Reece, who bring passion, expertise, and a love for making their clients look and feel their best. Distinctive for their transparent pricing and dedication to customer loyalty, Gents Code stands out in the competitive

Rating: 4.9/ 5 — 257 Reviews
Address: 2 Old Hall St, Liverpool L3 9RQ, United Kingdom

Original Rudy’86 Barber

Original Rudy'86 Barber

Rating: 5.0/ 5 — 252 Reviews
Address: 94 Aigburth Rd, Dingle, Liverpool L17 7BN, United Kingdom

Original Barber’s Shop Liverpool.

Original Barber's Shop Liverpool.

Rating:4.8/ 5 — 223 Reviews
Address: 48 Mount Pleasant, Liverpool L3 5SD, United Kingdom

Jaffa’s Barber Shop

Jaffa's Barber Shop

Nestled in the heart of Liverpool, Jaffa’s Barber Shop is revered for its exceptional grooming services tailored specifically for men. With a deep commitment to craftsmanship and tradition, this establishment offers a range of services from classic haircuts to luxurious shaving experiences. The barber shop prides itself on creating a welcoming atmosphere where every client’s needs are met with the utmost attention to detail. What sets Jaffa’s Barber Shop apart is its dedication to blending time-honored techniques with contemporary styles, ensuring every visit leaves clients feeling refreshed and confident. A cornerstone of the community, it stands as a testament to the art of male grooming.

Rating: 4.7/ 5 — 216 Reviews
Address: 255 Breck Rd, Liverpool L5 6PT, United Kingdom

The Barber Shop Dale Street

The Barber Shop Dale Street

Rating: 4.4/ 5 — 202 Reviews
Address: 64 Dale St, Liverpool L2 5ST, United Kingdom

Barber Barber Liverpool

Barber Barber Liverpool

Rating: 4.0/ 5 — 199 Reviews
Address: 110 College Ln, Liverpool L1 3BN, United Kingdom

CJ’s Barbers

CJ's Barbers

At CJ’s Barbershop, a premier grooming destination nestled in Liverpool, excellence in haircuts is meticulously delivered with a personal touch. Located at 289 East Prescot Road, this establishment prides itself on its welcoming atmosphere and skilled barbers, ensuring every client leaves looking and feeling their best. Open from Monday to Saturday with hours designed to accommodate various schedules, it stands out for its commitment to customer satisfaction and convenience. The easy-to-use booking system, powered by Nearcut, enhances the experience by simplifying appointment scheduling. Distinguished by its dedication to quality service and a friendly environment, CJ’s Barbershop has become a go-to spot in the community for top-notch hair care.

Rating: 4.8/ 5 — 191 Reviews
Address: 289 E Prescot Rd, Liverpool L14 2DB, United Kingdom

CREATO barber&bar (barbershop city centre liverpool)

CREATO barber&bar (barbershop city centre liverpool)

Located in the vibrant heart of Liverpool on Bold Street, Creato Barber and Bar introduces a refreshing twist to the traditional barbershop experience. Distinguished by its modern and professional approach, this establishment is celebrated for the exceptional skills of its stylists and a unique ambiance that marries relaxation with entertainment. Guests are invited to enjoy a beer and engage in FIFA games on PlayStation consoles while waiting for their service, all within an elegantly minimalistic black-and-white setting. Beyond offering trendy haircuts, Creato extends special discounts to students and NHS staff, ensuring a welcoming atmosphere for all. This innovative barbershop has quickly become a haven for those seeking style, comfort, and a slice of modernity in their grooming routine.

Rating: 5.0/ 5 — 184 Reviews
Address: 114 Bold St, Liverpool L1 4HY, United Kingdom

Est 22 Barbers

Est 22 Barbers

Rating: 4.8/ 5 — 176 Reviews
Address: 21 Lydia Ann St, Liverpool L1 5BW, United Kingdom

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